8th Grade Students – Scheduling

Dear Current 8th Grade Students,

  • Click HERE for a 4 year Music Plan with Extra Electives

Preparing for high school can be exciting and daunting at the same time.  At Center Grove High School, the Band Department is full of fun and educational opportunities for all stages of musicians. We are also here to help you navigate the scheduling process as you plan for the next four years of high school.

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Band Student Success and Schedules

Whether your interests are in Art, Bio-Med, Business, Engineering, or Music, there are opportunities to include band throughout your time at Center Grove High School.   The Class of 2018 CGHS Valedictorian was a proud band student all four years, member of the marching band, and also drum major.  Five of the top 20 academic students for the 2018 graduating class were active band students, three graduated CGHS with an Associates Degree, and ten band students graduated with the Early College 30 Credit Hour Certificate.

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Scheduling Tips

With so many academic options to pursue at Center Grove High School, we have found a few tips to help those that run into scheduling issues.  The biggest issue that arises is the need for another elective slot within the Freshman and Sophomore years.

  • The Freshman year Keystone class can be taken as Global Campus (online learning) over the summer prior to freshman year. (Doesn’t apply for EC students)
  • The Sophomore year Health class can be taken as Global Campus (online learning) over the summer prior to sophomore year.
  • P.E. I and P.E. II can both be taken sophomore year

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

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