Whether you’re a new or veteran parent you will always gain insight into the activity that your child loves by volunteering.  It is time well spent. So, about volunteering…no experience necessary. No, REALLY! There are tasks that require specific skills, but most opportunities do not.  If you can fill a cup with lemonade, hand out a program, use scissors, sew, or build props – you have all the skills you need. There is so much to do, you are bound to find something you actually enjoy doing.

Volunteer Commitment:

FALL 2020 (as of 8-7-20) Concession Shift Requirement: Parent Volunteer Requirement per child in the program is 3 athletic concession shifts.  Please sign-up for Varsity and Freshman Football as well as Volleyball.  Any questions regarding sign-up please contact VP Operations Joe Treater (Cgtbboperations@gmail.com)

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com


  • Concessions – Questions, contact Lori Veshia and Sandy Jude
  • Contests That We Host – Questions, contact Craig Coffman and Angie Coffman
  • See handbook for full description Volunteer Commitment.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Click the area below to view and sign up for volunteer spots and/or donations.  Spots will be added as needed.

Box Moms –  Questions & to sign up, contact Dori Coffman and Diana Phelps

Chaperones –  Questions, contact Sandy Jude 

Chuckwagon –  Questions, contact Jenni Troutman and Tara Marshall

Events  Questions, contact Brandi Blake

Pit Dads –  Questions, contact Scott Wilson and Jamie Troutman

Background Check

Complete background check online by clicking HERE

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Background Checks are good for all schools in the Center Grove School District
  • Once you fill out the background check online and pay the $12.95, it will take about two weeks to process.
    • Background Checks that have been completed elsewhere do not carry over.
    • CGCSC background check will be good for two school years.

Band Volunteer Areas that need a background check:

  • Box Moms, Chaperones, Medical Team, US Flag Fundraiser, CGTBB Exec Board, Area Leaders, Staff, Private Lesson Instructors, & Sectional Teachers

Band Volunteer Areas that do NOT need a background check:

  • Concessions, Pit Dads, Chuckwagon


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