Center Grove Trojan Band Boosters

The Center Grove Trojan Band Boosters is a non-profit organization that underwrites the Center Grove High School Band Programs.

2020-2021 CGTBB Officers

President & Co-President – Craig and Angie Coffman
Vice President of Finance – Scott Plumlee
Vice President of Operations – Joe Trester
Vice President of Engagement – Alan Ingram
Vice President of Fundraising & Co-VP of Fundraising– Joelle Marqua and Jen Ingram
Vice President of Events – Brandi Blake
Vice President of Communication – Tracey Wischmeyer

Booster Buzz

CGTBB Parent Meeting- May 14


Vision Statement

To support the Directors in creating positive, educational experiences that develop leadership, integrity, creativity, and respect in oneself and towards others.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Center Grove Trojan Band Boosters to assist the Directors and school system in providing our students with the best music education possible while supporting them morally, physically, and financially. This includes apprising students of the opportunities available through program participation. We will strive to find ways to enable those with financial need to participate and enjoy the program’s benefits. It is our aim to promote a spirit of fellowship and goodwill with all areas of the school district while encouraging our students to be exemplary leaders and ambassadors for the entire school community.


Read the CGTBB bylaws.


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