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Band Classes & Activities

Music is such a vital element in the development of each and every child. We are more aware now than ever before of how essential music is to the complete education of a child. Students in band develop a wealth of personal character traits that will help them succeed in life. It is our desire that the Center Grove Band help to shape and enrich the life of your son/daughter. We are looking forward to working with you and your child in many of the band’s activities in the years to come.

Band Classes

Symphonic Band

Intermediate level classes designed to give more individualized attention to students. The daily work and music selected will be used to advance the technique and musicality of the students to a higher level. The literature is moderate in nature and is selected to enhance the knowledge of styles and periods of music.

Wind Symphony

A select group, based on audition and past performance. Wind Symphony is designed to challenge the advanced musician and expose them to literature above the average high school musician’s ability.

Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is the top ensemble at Center Grove High School. Members are selected based on past performance and instrumentation needs. It is intended for those students with a serious interest in developing their abilities on their instrument and the study and performance of college level music. Some evening rehearsals occur in March and April as we prepare for ISSMA State Qualification. It is highly recommended that students study privately on their instrument.

Color Guard

During the school day, color guard participants take a Dance Performance class. Learning color guard choreography, equipment, and dance techniques to enhance their fall Marching Band and Winter Guard Shows. This is a two semester class. Audition and acceptance in the fall marching band color guard is required for 1st semester and winter guard for 2nd semester.

Extra/Co-Curricular Activities

Jazz Band

Jazz Ensemble is composed of students who desire to express different styles of jazz music. Several performances are given during February to March, which include festivals, community performances, and concerts. This group will meet after school two days a week from January thru March with performances on weekends. No prior jazz experience is required and all instruments are included!

Pep Band

The Center Grove Pep Band is voluntary and is comprised of approximately 75 students that play at girls and boys basketball games. The pep band currently has a rotation of about 25 pop songs and introduces 4 or 5 new songs each year. Pep band is a great way to meet new people, play fun music, and experience basketball games with your friends. Other perks include a t-shirt, free drink at every game, reduced concession prices, and 3rd quarter off to just socialize.

Indoor Percussion

Indoor Percussion is designed to offer the percussion students another venue in which to perform. Students are challenged to execute advanced techniques and skills that are required elements of the activity. Students may be auditioned depending on the number of students interested in performing and the needs of the program. Rehearsals are after school beginning in December. Contests begin in February and end in mid-April. (Participation in a CGHS Percussion Class is required.)

Marching Band

The Marching Band is a volunteer ensemble comprised of students from the instrumental band classes. The rehearsal schedule begins in late May and goes through mid-November. This ensemble performs at football games, parades, and Saturday competitions. Tryouts for Color Guard are held at the end of April and first of May and are open to ALL 8th graders. It is recommended that family vacations for marching band members be planned for late June to mid July. All band personnel must be in attendance for all rehearsals from band camp through the completion of marching season. (Participation in a CGHS Band Class is required.)

CGCG – Center Grove Color Guard

Stemming from the old military color guards and marching bands, this combination of sport and art has evolved into a visual/musical performance activity. Color guard uses all styles of dance, flags, rifles, and sabres in this artistic and competitive fine arts program.


CGCGtoo is our J.V. Color Guard and is comprised of middle school students from both Middle School Central and Middle School North. This is a positive and encouraging environment that focuses on introducing the foundation of color guard thru dance, flag, and performance techniques. The Pre-Season runs from August thru September and focuses on the basics of color guard while learning short routines for performances. The Winter Season runs from December thru March and takes all the skills we began to learn over the fall and takes it to the next level. The winter guard is where the guard begins to compete with other color guards from around the state of Indiana.

CGCG Marching Band (Fall) Season: (May thru November)

Center Grove Color Guard is a performance group that accompanies the marching band during the competitive band season by being the “visual music”. We spin flags, rifles, sabers, and dance to interpret the music and drill formations on the football field during the competitions and half time at football games. Tryouts for Color Guard are held at the end of April and first of May and are open to ALL 8th graders. (Audition and participation in the CGHS Dance Performance Class for 1st semester is required.)

CGCG World Guard (Winter) Season: (December thru April)

The second half of the school year we participate in an activity called “Winter Guard” which takes all the skills we begin to learn over the fall and takes it to the next level. Winter Guard is for the color guard only and doesn’t involve the band, which makes it twice as fun for the members to shine in their own spotlight. The winter guard season is the pinnacle of our year giving the team the opportunity to compete on a international level. We perform indoors to taped music, which is another bonus of the winter guard season! —No wind 🙂 (Audition and participation in the CGHS Dance Performance Class for 2nd semester is required.)