Gift Card/SCRIP Program


The Center Grove Trojan Band Boosters offer the following two rebate programs to help families earn money to pay for student band fees.  Under both programs, families purchase gift cards (physical cards / e-cards) at face value.  The vendor then returns (or “rebates”) a portion of the face value of the card to the band program.  This is a great way to earn “free” funds for your student on purchases you already make.

The money earned from both rebate programs is held in trust by the CGTBB Treasurer. In the Finances section of Charms, the rebates earned for each student is posted as soon as administratively possible. The rebates earned can be used to offset band fees as well as other items available for purchase from the band program.

Note> The rebates are not available to make purchases outside the band program (i.e. ISSMA tee shirts, food at events, trip fees (travel and lodging).

Program # 1 – Meijer Gift Cards (physical cards)

Meijer gift cards are available for purchase in the following denominations:

  • Meijer – $100
  • Meijer – $25

These gift cards earn the student 2.5% of the face value of the card. These cards can be purchased from:

  • During Marching Band season, cards can be picked up from the program administrator (Jennifer Watson) at Thursday evening rehearsals between 8-9pm in the football stadium.
  • Non Marching Band season, cards can be picked up from the program administrator (Jennifer Watson) on Thursday evenings between 8-9pm at Jennifer’s home (see below for contact information).

Program # 2 – ShopWithScrip (aka SCRIP) (physical cards / e-cards)

This program is run by the Great Lakes Scrip Company.  Great Lakes partners with over 725 vendors to provide many opportunities to earn funds.  This program is online based.  The student’s family creates an account online and places orders for purchases through the SCRIP website. A few examples of vendors and rebates (subject to change):

  • Applebee’s 8%
  • Bed Bath & Beyond 8%
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods 8%
  • Macy’s 10%
  • Home Depot 4%
  • Target 2%

These cards earn the student 50% of the rebate offered.  The other half of the rebate is shared with the band program.

Note> in trip years, the entire rebate is often allocated to the student alone.  

Many of the vendors offer specials throughout the year.  After you enroll in the program, you will receive emails concerning special event rebate bonuses.

SCRIP offers two ways to participate:

  1. Physical gift card – cards are delivered to the program administrator and distributed to families.   These cards arrive in the denomination selected.  Some vendors offer reloadable cards.  Note> These cards can be purchased using personal checks or Presto Pay. See separate instructions concerning PrestoPay.
  2. eCard – these are electronic gift cards that are received online.  If payment is made with PrestoPay, the card is delivered to your SCRIP account within minutes of payment of purchase. The card arrives with a bar code and number.  This information can be used either in store or online based on instructions listed on the eCard itself.  How to redeem the card varies from vendor to vendor; so, be sure to read the redemption instructions before ordering to ensure the purchase meets your needs.  This is a great option for families that are comfortable using electronic gift cards. Note> These cards can be purchased using personal checks or Presto Pay.

If you order gift cards on Scrip and pay with a personal check, the following process applies.

  1. Payments for online gift card orders must be submitted by the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.  A check made payable to CGTBB for the full amount of the order must be placed in the white payment box in the music office by the above dates.  The Program Administrator will also accept Scrip check payments at the Thursday evening Marching Band rehearsals from 8-9 pm.
  2. Orders for cards will not be released until payment is received.
  3. Gift cards will be available for pick up from the Program Administrator on the Thursday following order placement (the 2nd and 4th Thursday).
  4. Should unforeseen events arise (weather, illness) to alter the above schedule, necessary schedule adjustments will be communicated.

Scrip Program links:

Scrip Enrollment Instructions

Presto Pay Enrollment Instructions

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Watson, 317-752-2378