Upcoming Dine to Donates:

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Dine to Donate

Skip the hassle of cooking dinner every night and eat out to help the Center Grove Marching Band!

What is Dine to Donate?
The CGTBB is cooperating with area restaurants to donate a percentage of participants total food bill to the band. Since area restaurants are under individual ownership and management, participants must dine at a specific restaurant that has agreed to work with us and present a coupon at the agreed upon date and time.

Who can participate?
Anybody and everybody who presents the coupon and purchases food from the restaurant is contributing to the total. Hand out the coupons to your neighbors, friends, relatives and anyone else that would eat out.

Is there some sort of hidden fee?
No! The restaurant simply donates money based upon a percentage of sales during our designated time. It doesn’t cost you anything, but the price of food that you would purchase. These funds will go in our “Road to Macy’s” fundraising account.

Can I go to any restaurant at any time?
No. The coupon will only be honored at the specific restaurant at the specific date and time listed on the coupon.

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